South Dakota Alimony / Spousal Support

In South Dakota, alimony, also referred to as spousal support is payments for the support or maintenance of either the husband or the wife, by court order or through agreement of the parties.

While an action for divorce is pending the courts can require one spouse to pay as alimony any money they deem necessary for the support of the other spouse of the children of the marriage.

According to South Dakota Codified Laws, CHAPTER 25-4 Section 41 "Where a divorce is granted, the court may compel one party to make such suitable allowance to the other party for support during the life of that other party or for a shorter period, as the court may deem just, having regard to the circumstances of the parties represented; and the court may from time to time modify its orders in these respects."

South Dakota statutes regarding alimony can be found here: Chapter 25-4 Divorce and Seperate Maintenance

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