Iowa Alimony / Spousal Support

Iowa alimony, also referred to as spousal support is the amount of money one spouse pays to the other, by court order or through agreement of the parties, for support and maintenance.

According to Iowa statutes 598.21A Orders for spousal support, "Upon every judgment of annulment, dissolution, or separate maintenance, the court may grant an order requiring support payments to either party for a limited or indefinite length of time..."

Types of Alimony Awarded in Iowa

There are four types of alimony awards in Iowa. A partner may receive spousal support on a temporary basis, which usually ends when the divorce is finalized. The Iowa courts may rule that alimony be permanent; temporary also called "rehabilitative alimony," which lasts for a specific amount of time allowing a spouse to obtain employment and become independent; and finally, the court can order reimbursement alimony. Reimbursement maintenance occurs when one spouse supported the other's educational pursuits.

Spousal support or maintenance in Iowa can be awarded based on these factors:

Iowa statutes for alimony can be found here: Iowa statutes 598.21A Orders for spousal support

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